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“The most beloved and personal performance of the festival. Full of beautiful human stories”

FLOW2 Festival Romania

DANDELION is the first joint work of established artists Hannes Langolf and Ermira Goro. After 9 years of performing together, this work marks a departure point towards artistic collaboration as directors.


Their shared passion is to create meaningful work that sits in the subtle space between reality and metaphor, closely connected to life and its stories.

This production mixes imagery and physicality with the aim to magnify fleeting moments of inner conflict and explores our constant human quest for joy, liberation, ease and happiness.


It reveals experiences of our anxiety to change, our fear to leap into the unknown and our trepidation to exist in a changing world where human connection becomes more

and more elusive.


Hannes Langolf, Ermira Goro


Hannes Langolf, Ermira Goro & the performers


Set & Costume Design: Christos Delidimos

Music Composition: Coti K.


Lighting Design: Richard Godin


Assistant to the Directors: Dimitris Koutsoubas


Choreography Support: Nikos Kalogerakis


Research support: Juliet Knight, Will

Thompson, Charlotte McLean, Amy Bell, Emma Bonnici, Sean Marcs


Research Associate Producer: Lia Prentaki


Performers: Ermira Goro, Hannes Langolf, Dimitra Mertzani, Rafael Pardillo, Antonis Stamopoulos, Alexandros Stavropoulos, Andi Xhuma/Dimitris



Executive Production: Konstantinos Sakkas


Production & Touring Management: Delta Pi

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