by Hannes Langolf  |  25 mins

HOW I KNOW YOU is inspired by conversations about identity and how we are read by other people. We looked at small acts of inner revolution and the fragile courage to embrace personal change as an opportunity for self-celebration. 



My beautiful beautiful friends,

please know, 

(really know)

how you are,

the way you are.


You are all so filled.

You are filled from the inside out.

You listen, you speak and you are. 


My beautiful beautiful friends, 

please know

(how I know)



- Beth Edwards - 

Direction: Hannes Langolf


Choreography: Hannes Langolf with the performers


Costume Design: Sophie Donaldson


Voiceover written by Isobel Ripley and spoken by Rhys Dennis and Alicia Pirez Curell


Music: Greg Haines “In The Event Of A Sudden Loss” , Bob Dylan “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, Zack Hemsey “The Runner”, The Manhattans “There’s No Me Without You”, Sigur Rós “Festival”

performer credits at end of video.