Physical Theatre by Hannes Langolf  | 105 mins

"Powerful in its expressiveness, intelligent and wonderfully poetic in its visual power"

Trierischer Volksfreund

Taking inspiration from Fernando Pessoas 'Book of Disquiet', this new physical theatre Production is a visual exploration of the world around us, through the eyes of a lonely man who retreats into his own imagination in order to make sense of the big questions in life. 
It asks the question if retreat is the only solution to find answers, and dives into Pessoas thoughts by exploring the connections of nine characters on stage - taking their interactions as potential to share their internal experiences.

Concept/Direction: Hannes Langolf

Composition/Sound Design: Tom Lane

Set and Costume Design: Loren Elstein

Performed by the Susanne Linke Company Ensemble. 

World-Premiere: 21st April 2018 at Theater Trier


photos by Oliver Look and Elisa Marschall


Concept and Direction: Hannes Langolf

Choreography: Hannes Langolf in collaboration with the performers

Production Design: Loren Elstein

Soundscape und Composition: Tom Lane

Dramaturgy und Management: Waltraut Körver

Performers: Luiza Braz Batista, Darwin José Diaz Carrero, Héloïse Fournier, Paul Hess, Robert Przybyl, Will Thompson, Victor Alfonso Zapata Cardenas, Sergey Zhukov, Lucyna Zwolinska