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“WOLF” draws on clichés of pretence, bravado and strength.


Through the lens of 8 characters, the piece explores how superficial interactions and behaviours keep us relating on a level that is only ever skin-deep.


It poses the question: How can celebrating vulnerability become a liberating act of fragile courage?

Premiered as part of VERVE 2018


Hannes Langolf


Hannes Langolf & the performers


Costume Design

Melissa Burton Parry


Lighting Design

Mark Baker & Hannes Langolf



Cast A: 

Theo Arran, Maria Elena Bolelli, Anders Engebretsen, Fern Grimbley, Daisy Howell, Sharol Mackenzie, Ricardo Pereira, Maggie Vannucci

Cast B:

Theo Arran, Alethia Antonia, Josh Gill, Fern Grimbley, Katy Hewison, Ruby Portus, Michele Scappa, Meizhi Wang

Created for VERVE 2018

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